Sunday, April 22, 2018

New Direction...

Hey guys, I know it's been wayyy too long since I've posted.  It's been a crazy couple of years around here.  I don't know if anyone's still even checking in on me, but just thought I'd update you on the new direction I've taken.

While I still love collage and mixed media, I've gotten back into traditional art again- painting and drawing.  I'm now selling commissioned portraits of people or pets in order to make some extra money for the family.  My husband lost his job last year, and still hasn't found work, so I'm picking up jobs where I can.

I've got another blog set up for that business, as well as an Etsy shop with some items, but I'll show you some samples here of my work.  If you or anyone you know would like an original piece of art done from a photo, let me know!

I hope you'll check it out! I've rediscovered my passion for drawing and painting, and I'm really excited about this new venture.

In other news, I'm still into decorating, vintage, and dollhouses.  None of that has changed.  Maybe I'll get motivated and post some more dollhouse tours here soon. There are still so many I haven't shown you!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Studio at My New House

Well, welcome, welcome!  I told you I'd finally get around to posting pictures of my studio in our new house (new by a year now- it's about time!).  It's a great little room at the front of the house, and it gets a ton of natural light.  When I'm at my computer by the window, my cat and my dog like to sleep on the window seat beside me!  So, without further ado, here it is!

I purchased this vintage turquoise desk off Craigslist when we moved.  It used to be a sewing table, but my cutting board covers up the hole!
There's my computer desk.  My husband built it into the wall, and I painted it to match the other desk!  And there's the window seat where the animals sleep!

This is the view across from the windows- dollhouses, dollhouses, dollhouses, even heading out into the hall! I took photos with all the houses faced front and back, so following you'll see both views.
They're much more pleasing to the eye when they're front-face out....
...but they're much easier to 'play' with when they're back-face out!
Most of the time, they're mixed up, depending on which projects I'm working on!

Here's the other corner.  My husband also built another wraparound built-in desk over there for my sewing machine and other supplies.

 All the paper dolls are hanging in a vintage time-card holder next to the window!

 Just some more fun things!  That dollhouse is made from cardboard.

This is a little side wall when you first enter.

Just some dolls 'n things up on the top of one of the shelves.

 I adore this paper doll puppy and kitty!

 This hangs above my computer, and I love looking at all the little things every day!

 Up above the doorframe of the entryway.  On the left is a self-portrait I did last year.

Most of my doll furniture resides up here!  So, so pretty!

 Another hidden little wall...

Here's this group of houses with their insides showing...

 And then their outsides!

Some fun pillows for the window seat!

 I've used every available inch in this room!

A close-up of my little curio shelf!

More little dollies and furniture...

 Some paperdolls hanging out by an armoire...

 Lots of babydolls and all their accessories (plus one big sister, who must be the babysitter!)

Fun little knick-knacks.

 Scrapbooking supplies and paperdolls (there's always space for paperdolls!).

 A little corner by the entryway.

 Another view of the curio shelf.

 Adorable handmade dollhouse and dime store dolls!

 You may have noticed this other wall behind my computer!  I'm a bit of an X-Files/Gillian Anderson fan, so this is my little fangirl wall, including some signatures and photos with the stars!

And so, there you have it!  I haven't been able to devote nearly as much time to crafting or to working in the dollhouses since we've moved, but this is still my happy, happy, happy place!  I need to give you all some dollhouse tours though.  There are lots here that I don't think I've ever shown! 

I hope you've enjoyed taking a peek around!!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

My Christmas House 2016

Happy Holidays, everyone!  This is what happens when I don't post in forever- you get a post with fifty photos to wade through!  So I've decorated our new house for Christmas, and as you'll see, I've gone all out!  Last year, I didn't decorate since we were trying to sell our house, so I was extra-ready to do some decorating this year! 

Our entryway and great room have huge ceilings, so it was the perfect place for our 9 foot tree!

 I also added bits of Christmas in the rest of the entryway as well.

Off of the entryway is what should be the dining room, although we haven't decided how we're going to purpose it eventually.  For now though, it's a great place to put another Christmas tree!  (this is the kid's tree)

 The great room has Christmas décor all about!

Here's a shot looking back towards the front door.

Looking into the great room from the kitchen nook.

 The stockings are going up the stairs this year, because we didn't have a great way to hang them from the fireplace.  I made the stockings here!

 Found this little pink tree at a thrift store last year, and it's become the perfect display for some of my favorite vintage ornaments!

 The kitchen nook is where we've hung the Advent calendars (more info here and here).

These built-in shelves were perfect for Christmas decorations!

All the photos with Santa! (here they are in more detail)

 I found this little silver tree at a thrift store, and fell in love!  Such a pretty little spot to display these vintage colored balls!

 We even added a Santa up in the highest archway!

 More little Christmas trees and vintage ornaments!

I always have an elf tree!

 This is a little hallway going into the master bedroom.

Ahh, the silver tree in more detail!

 This black display cabinet gets the same decorations as in previous years.

 Behind the map is the television set, so the mantle can't have much for decorations.  But these little silver trees are perfect!

 I loooooove my vintage ornaments!

 I cannot tell you how many people have asked me why there are various Santas in "cages" around the house.  But they're the perfect size!

I adore this little child's cabinet so much!

 Hey, he fit perfectly!

 Santa and his reindeer!

 Here is a better shot of the children's tree (all of their ornaments and presents).

 Big presents fit in the corner!

 Our advent tree!

 All the vintage ornaments that didn't fit somewhere else...

 More of this little pink tree and it's yummy ornaments!

 Vintage doll furniture will always have a place in my décor!

 A Santa blowmold from a thrift store...

 Three little nativity sets.  I found the cardboard and plaster one on the left at a Goodwill By the Pound a couple months ago- I love it!

 More of the elf tree, and our vintage Christmas card holder behind it.

 Some cute old guys on the shelf.

And another in his sleigh!
 More vintage ornaments!

 This is one of my favorite Santas of all!  Such a sweet face!

 I don't think I've given you a tour of this vintage dollhouse yet- it's one of my favorites, and it's decked out for Christmas!

 Some more jolly old elves!

The ornament wreath I made years ago.

 Here's the living room of that dollhouse and a little boy who loves his new train!

 The vintage glass ornaments are everywhere!

 Another one of my favorites!

 I found this little angel while antiquing- she's adorable!

 A cute little Christmas music box- the star spins around while the music plays.

 Three santos angels to watch over us...

 Vintage stockings and vintage book pages hang from the ceiling!

 Some of the ornaments from the kids' tree!

Oh, I love these two little guys atop the doll dresser!

And finally, Grandma and Grandpa are wishing you a Merry Christmas!

Congratulations if you actually made it through all those photos!  It's been so fun decorating a new house this year.  I hope you're all having a wonderful holiday season! 

I promise I'll shoot pictures of my new studio soon!